Foods and Flavors of Eau Claire, WI

alfredo sauce all you can eat almonds american cheese anchovies andouille sausages angus beef appetizers apples apricots artichokes arugula asian asparagus au jus avocados bacon baked beans baked potatoes balsamic vinegar bananas barbeque barley basil bbq sauce beans béarnaise sauce beef beef brisket beef shanks beef tenderloin beer beer battered beets bento boxes berries black beans black olives blackened bloody mary blue cheese blueberries bone-in bourbon brandy breakfast breakfast sandwiches brie cheese brioche brisket broccoli broccolini bruschetta brussels sprouts buckwheat buffalo style bulgogi burgers butterscotch buttery cabbage caesar salad cajun cake calamari california rolls capers caprese caramel caramelized onions carrots catfish cauliflower caviar cedar grove cheese charcuterie cheddar cheese cheese cheese board cheese curds cheese sauce cheesecake cheesesteak sandwiches cheesy chestnuts chevre cheese chicken chicken breast chicken sandwiches chicken wings chili chinese chipotle chocolate chocolatey chorizo chutney ciabatta bread cilantro classic club sandwiches cocktail sauce cocktails cod coleslaw comforting corn cornbread corned beef cosmopolitan cottage cheese crab crackers cranberries crawfish cream cheese creamy crème brulee crème fraîche crêpes crispy crostini crunchy cuban sandwiches cucumbers custard decadent deep fried dessert deutsch family farm deviled eggs dill dippable donburi drinks dumplings eggs epic farro fennel feta cheese filet mignon filling finger food fish fish fry fish roe fish sandwiches fish tacos flatbread focaccia fontina cheese french french fries french toast fresh fresh mozzarella cheese fresh sandwiches freshwater fish fried chicken from afar garlic bread garlicky giardiniera ginger gluten free goat cheese gorgonzola cheese greek green beans green olives greens grilled grilled cheese sandwiches grits guacamole gumbo gyoza habanero peppers halibut ham hard boiled egg hash browns havarti cheese healthy honey hook's cheese hot bacon dressing hot ham sandwiches hot sandwiches ice cream italian jalapeños japanese kalamata olives kale katsu kebabs kids kimchi korean lemon lettuce wraps light lime linguine lobster mac and cheese maki marble rye martini mashed potatoes meat board meaty mediterranean mexican mimosas monterey jack cheese morbier cheese mozzarella cheese mushrooms nachos new york strip niman ranch meats noodles nueske's nutella nutty okra olives omelets onion rings onion strings only in minnesota only in wisconsin oranges out of the ordinary pancakes panna cotta parmesan cheese pasta patty melts peanut butter peanuts pears pecans penne pepper jack cheese pepperoncini pepperoni peppers peppery pesto pheasant pickled pickles pico de gallo pineapples pizza po boy sandwiches poached eggs polish sausages popovers pork pork chops portobello mushrooms potato chips potatoes potstickers prosciutto prosecco provolone cheese pub food pudding pulled pork quesadillas radishes rainbow trout ranch dressing raspberries ravioli raw red wine remoulade reuben sandwiches ribeye ribs rice rigatoni roasted peppers romaine lettuce romantic root vegetables rum rushing waters fisheries salad salami salmon salsa salty sartori cheese sarvecchio parmesan cheese sashimi saucy sauerkraut sausage sautéed scallops scrambled eggs seafood sesame sesame chicken shakes shallots shareable shellfish shiitake mushrooms short rib shrimp shrimp scampi small plates smoked salmon smoky soup sour cream sourdough south of the border southern spicy spinach squash sriracha steak steak sandwiches steaks and chops stew strawberry sun-dried tomatoes supreme pizza surf and turf sushi sweet sweet and savory sweet potatoes swiss cheese taco salad tacos tangy tarragon tater tots tempura tender teriyaki thyme tomatoes tonkotsu tortilla chips tortillas trout tuna turkey turkey breast udon noodles vanilla vegetarian veggies vinaigrette vodka waffles walleye wasabi wheat berries whipped cream whiskey white cheddar cheese white wine wild rice wine wisconsin meadows beef wontons wraps zesty zucchini