Your Photoshoot

With your help, our photographers make your food look really good.


  1. Let your staff know the photographer is coming.
  2. Photographers work while you are open, but choose a less busy time.
  3. Assign a front-of-house staff member to coordinate the photographer and kitchen.
  4. Reserve a "photo" table near a window and "utility" table.
  5. Set the photo table for service with flatware, table settings and drinks.
  6. Don't plan to photograph customer orders. Plates gets touched and food gets cold.

Choose Food

  1. Popular and profitable dishes are best.
  2. Long standing menu items are better than seasonal or one-off specials.
  3. Avoid complicated dishes, they typically don't photograph well.
  4. The kitchen should prepare three dishes every 10 minutes
  5. Plate food as you would serve a customer without over-styling or over-portioning.


  1. Provide photographers menu details: dish name, price and description.
  2. Consider sharing "finished" dishes with staff for training purposes.
  3. In a few days you'll receive photos.

Purchase Photos

Buy your set for $300.00. Contact us to purchase access to full-size, watermark-free photos, with full copyright.

Contact our team with questions