Work & Class

RiNo - Denver, CO


About Work & Class - RiNo

Work & Class offers a square meal, stiff drink, and fair price. We believe that the best restaurants are the simplest ones, that the food and drinks we love and crave don't involve fussy or unfamiliar ingredients or cooking techniques. Our dinner menu blends American and Latin flavors in an approachable, crazy-delicious way. Several times each year, we change a few of our dishes to highlight seasonal ingredients and keep things fresh. And let's face it, sometimes you just want to eat something new.


  • Sunday 4pm - 10pm
  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday 4pm - 10pm
  • Wednesday 4pm - 10pm
  • Thursday 4pm - 10pm
  • Friday 4pm - 11pm
  • Saturday 4pm - 11pm

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