Cochino Taco

Englewood, CO


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About Cochino Taco

Cochino is spanish for pig—and for a few additional meanings, listen below. Pigs hold a special place in our hearts and bellies. Big, beautiful beasts of the mud. You'll find them lovingly celebrated throughout our taqueria and deliciously featured on our menu. You'll also find an eclectic mix of mexico city street food, tasty tacos and fresh takes on tequila. Viva la pig, no?

Map to Cochino Taco in Englewood,CO


  • Sunday 11am - 9pm
  • Monday 11am - 9pm
  • Tuesday 11am - 9pm
  • Wednesday 11am - 9pm
  • Thursday 11am - 9pm
  • Friday 11am - 10pm
  • Saturday 11am - 10pm

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