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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hankr a food delivery service?

No, we bring in orders by linking to preferred delivery services.

Is hankr another restaurant reservation service?

No, we create reservations by linking to preferred online reservation systems.

Who takes the photos?

hankr has trained local professional food photographers standing by to efficiently capture photos of the food at Cottage Inn Pizza.

Can Cottage Inn Pizza use photos we already have?

Yes! Having high quality, true-to-life photos of dishes is what makes hankr a great experience for our users, so we require those photos meet those guidelines.

Will Cottage Inn Pizza get copies of the photos hankr captures?

Yes, you'll receive copies of the photos we take, and Cottage Inn Pizza is able to use them for a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, TripAdvisor, emails, and marketing materials.


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