Share your food on hankr

No matter what kind of food you serve, there are diners out there looking for it. hankr is the only place to search visually for the actual food being served at local restaurants.

Turn photos into sales

All the big restaurant chains know that great visuals drive sales, and they've got the budgets to do it.

Now, so do you.

The hankr platform makes it easy to powerfully and visually market your food at a price any restaurant can afford.

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How to start on hankr

Prepare your best dishes, and we'll photograph and add your food to our visual dining guide.

Samurai Ribs at Tavernakaya

Add food

Need photos? We beautifully photograph restaurant food in minutes.

Chilli Chicken from Maharani Indian Restaurant in Madison, WI

Get noticed

Share your creations in the hankr visual dining guide, partner websites, and our mobile apps!

Neopolitan Cake from Root Down in Denver, CO

Stay relevant

Menus change, keep us posted so we can get your latest dishes noticed.

The benefit of hankr vs reviews

Better restaurant marketing

You'll now have dozens of beautiful food photos for your website, Facebook, and Instagram, too. You'll be able to show off your food like never before.

Attract more diners

Unmet diner expectations are the source of many bad restaurant reviews. When we photograph your food in a true-to-life way diners arrive knowing what to expect. No surprises about portions, no disappointment that what they imagined isn't what you served. Only happy diners.

Increase restaurant traffic

We're a visual guide for diners to discover great restaurants, but instead of focusing on reviews, we show them food. There's no equipment to install, no new systems to learn. We just send you hungry diners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hankr a food delivery service?

No, we help make orders by linking to your preferred delivery services.

Is hankr another restaurant reservation service?

No, we create reservations by linking to your preferred online reservation system.

Who takes the photos?

hankr has local food photographers to take photos of your food.

Can I use photos I already have on hankr?

Sometimes. Having high-quality, true-to-life photos of every dish is what makes hankr a great experience for our users, and we require that photos meet our guidelines. If we determine that yours do, we'll use them. If they don't, we'll work with you to set up a photoshoot with one of our photographers.

Do I get copies of the photos you take?

Yes, you'll receive copies of the photos we take of your food and restaurant, and you're able to use them on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, TripAdvisor, emails, and marketing materials.


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