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Turn Photos in to Sales on hankr

The big restaurant chains know that great visuals drive sales, and they've got the budget to do it. Now, so do you. The hankr platform makes it easy to powerfully and visually market your food at a price any restaurant can afford. With hankr, a 90-minute photoshoot could add $3,600 or more in revenue* to your bottom line.

Why feature your food on hankr?

No matter what kind of food you serve, there are diners out there looking for it. hankr makes it easy for them to find it because we're the only place to search visually for the actual food being served at local restaurants. They'll discover new favorite dishes, and you'll connect with new customers you can convert into regulars.

Let us do all the work

To become of a member of the hankr platform, all you do is make us some food to photograph. We'll take the photos, we'll create your food and restaurant listings, and we'll keep everything up-to-date as your menu evolves. You keep running your business while we keep bringing you customers.

Use your photos

A great perk of working with hankr is that you'll now have dozens and dozens of beautiful food photos for your website, Facebook, and Instagram, too. You'll show off your food like never before.

No surprises

You know that unmet customer expectations lead to many bad reviews. That's why we photograph your food in a true-to-life way so that people come in knowing what to expect. No surprises about portions, no disappointment that what they imagined isn't what you served. Only happy customers.

We send you customers, not orders

We're not a delivery company, and we're not an ordering platform. We're a place people go to find great restaurants they can go to, but instead of focusing on reviews, we show them food. There's no equipment to install, no new systems to learn. We just send you hungry customers.

How to Become a hankr Member

1. Sign up for your photoshoot

We take real, beautiful photos of your food just like it's served every day, and most photo sessions are done in less than 90 minutes. In rare cases, we can use photos you already have.

2. Make money

Within a few days, your food and restaurant will be on our website, apps, and tourism partner websites for people to find when they're looking for a the meal they crave. There's nothing special you have to do — there's no discount, coupon, or cut back to hankr.

3. Keep in touch

We know that menus can change, and we always want the latest dishes and descriptions. We'll send monthly emails to check in so you can let us know if you need anything updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hankr a delivery website?

No, we don't take or facilitate orders for delivery on hankr. If you offer delivery, we can link people to your preferred delivery services.

Is hankr a reservation service?

No, we don't take reservations on your behalf. If you offer reservations, we can link people to your online reservation system, if applicable.

Who takes the photos?

We hire and train local photographers to take photos of your food.

Can I use photos I already have on hankr?

Sometimes. Having high-quality, true-to-life photos of every dish is what makes hankr a great experience for our users, and we require that photos meet our guidelines. If we determine that yours do, we'll use them. If they don't, we'll work with you to set up a photoshoot with one of our photographers.

Do I get copies of the photos you take?

Yes, you'll receive copies of the photos we take of your food and restaurant, and you're able to use them on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any emails you send.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at or call 414-935-5107