We are hankr

Since 2014, hankr has been acquiring menu data and featuring amazing food served at local restaurants and event venues within our dining guides.

We created hankr

Why? We love food, travelling, eating local, technology. We believe in giving everyone a better way to find food to love anywhere they are. 

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience working for and with destination marketing organizations and businesses in travel and hospitality.

We’ve been responsible for creating the digital experiences that inspire visitors and help them make the most of their vacations, and we want our partners to have the content they need to support food tourism programs that make a difference.

The hankr team

Leadership Team

Based in Wisconsin.

John Kuehl

John Kuehl


Dustin Halyburton

Dustin Halyburton


Dan Early

Dan Early


Mark Roller

Mark Roller


Frequently Asked Questions

Is hankr a food delivery service?

No, we help make orders by linking to preferred delivery services.

Is hankr another restaurant reservation service?

No, we create reservations by linking to preferred online reservation systems.

Can restaurants use photos they already have on hankr?

Sometimes. Having high-quality, true-to-life photos of every dish is what makes hankr a great experience for our users, and we require that photos meet our guidelines.

Do restaurants get copies of the photos you take?

Yes, they'll receive copies of the photos we take, and they're able to use them for a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, TripAdvisor, emails, and marketing materials.

Who takes the photos?

hankr has local food photographers who take photos of food.

What makes hankr photos special?

The photos on hankr were either taken by a hankr photographer or submitted by restaurants as accurate representations of portions and preparation.

Does hankr provide travel content?

Yes, Only 10% of DMOs think their food and beverage offerings are being adequately promoted, and deciding where to eat ranks as one of the most time-consuming, stressful moments for a typical traveler. Learn more.

Can hankr integrate with travel destination websites?

Yes, contact us to get detail on utilizing our growing database of tagged delicious meals at local restaurants.

More questions?

Contact us at info@hankr.com