What is hankr?

We’re obsessed with making every meal you have more delicious, so we created hankr to make the search for the perfect meal the visual, mouthwatering experience it was meant to be.

Search food first.

Whether you’re craving deep-fried cheese curds, crisp bacon, or a burger topped with cheese curds and bacon, you’ll see exactly what’s available — and where you can get it.

See photos you can trust.

The photos you see we either taken by a hankr photographer or submitted by restaurants as accurate representations of portions and preparation.

Open to any restaurant.

As long as a restaurant is willing to have their food photographed in high-quality, true-to-life way, they can be featured on hankr.

No more order regrets.

hankr can eliminate the guesswork and help make sure you always get something that looks delicious to you.

“ Unless you are 90 years old and want to read a Yelp review, you hit up hankr for delicious pictures of dishes at local restaurants. ”

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